Computer glasses lens uv protection is how to return a responsibility?

What is the uv protection computer glasses?

The sun give off light has: visible light, infrared, ultraviolet and other three. With ultraviolet radiation to human body skin and eyes. In the. Cause serious damage, such as, Released by the sun light is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC, if long time exposure can cause damage to the body, UVB has a serious effect on vision, yellow glasses for computer is burned black light, most of the canthus can absorb the UVB light so be sure to block out the light.

Prescription Computer Glasses For Computer Screen Glasses Men/Women Anti-Blue Radiation Anti-Fatigue Round Pc Glasses
Prescription Computer Glasses For Computer Screen Glasses Men/Women Anti-Blue Radiation Anti-Fatigue Round Pc Glasses

Uv protection computer glasses because has the function of the polarization of light, so will all the harmful rays of blocking off does not affect the visible light through, can truly achieve the purpose of protecting our eyes. if you want to buy computer glasses Philippines, you can choose us.

What kind of glasses to uv?

Avoid light radiation damage to the eyes, the most effective and the most commonly used method is to wear safety glasses. The so-called protective glasses is a kind of filter, can change through the light intensity and spectrum.

The computer glasses is divided into two major categories, one for absorption, one for reflection type, the former is used most frequently.

The computer screen reading glasses lens in the manufacturing, in the general formula of optical glass and add the part of metal oxides, such as iron, drill, strontium, nickel, chromium, manganese and some rare earth metal oxides such as neodymium and etc.

Cute Half Frame Computer Glasses Protective Glasses For Computer Users Anti-Blue
Cute Half Frame Computer Glasses Protective Glasses For Computer Users Anti-Blue

The metal oxide can make glass to light some wavelengths of electromagnetic waves in the selective absorption, such as cerium and iron oxide can absorb a large number of ultraviolet light. Use this computer eyewear lenses can reduce the amount of certain wavelength through the computer eyeglasses lens, reduce or prevent damage eyes.

One, the absorption filter

Also known as sunglasses. About 20% of visible light transmittance, better absorption of prescription glasses for computer work ultraviolet and infrared light. There is light green, light gray, a variety of colors, such as weak tea used to create shading and snow job safety glasses or computer reading glasses.

The light grey lens to identify the minimal impact of color; Shallow tea glasses looks darker blue sky, green light by decreasing; Light green lens cut through the red light is.

Second, the reflection type filter

Absorption filter, eye protection glasses from computer is to use the lens to absorb certain wavelengths of light, in order to reduce the light into the eye, but because the lens absorbs some light, heat rejection, especially longer light, infrared and other wave due to the accumulation of heat, computer eyeglasses make the eyes feel uncomfortable.

Actual working life, in many cases is the absorption and reflection type combined use, namely to a high reflection film plated on the colored lenses, the filter effect is stronger, chlorine, such as welding, arc welding, plasma cutting, such as operating personnel to wear computer glasses, this kind of method can be adopted to solve.

Small make up remind:

In the store had found that the lens price difference is quite big, according to salesperson introduction, the lens in the membrane can prevent computer radiation, uv protection, this statement computer screen glasses is not correct!

Coating effect has been exaggerated, coating has the effect of uv and prevent computer radiation, belong to out of thin air. Because general lens has anti-radiation effect, and uv protection is required in the lenses with special material, which has nothing to do with the coating.

Good quality computer screen reading glasses lens coating, the price is almost the same as the lens. If there is a store had said to add layer coating is only more than 10 dollars, that is about to consider the authenticity and quality problem. But the film after, look from flank the lens appears purple or blue, show that coating only block which color of light, there is no difference in quality.

How to judge whether a uv protection sunglasses?

Methods 1. See sunglasses tags

Sunglasses ultraviolet prevention function, the express way generally have the following kinds:

A) labeled “UV400” : this means that the lens of uv cutoff wavelength of 400 nm, namely its (lambda) under 400 nm wavelength in the maximum of the spectral transmittance of tau Max (lambda) is not greater than 2%;

B) marked with “UV” and “anti ultraviolet” : this says the lens of UV cutoff wavelength of 380 nm, namely its (lambda) under 380 nm wavelength in the maximum of the spectral transmittance of tau Max (lambda) is not greater than 2%;

C) labeled “100% UV absorption” : this means that the function of the prescription glasses for computer work lens is 100% for UV absorption, namely in the UV range of average transmission ratio is not greater than 0.5%.

To achieve the above requirements of sunglasses, is in the true sense of uv protection function of computer sunglasses.

Methods 2. Use money + yanchao pen to verify

In the absence of the instrument, ordinary people also can detect whether the sunglasses have uv protection function.

Take a piece of money, put the computer glasses lenses on the anti-counterfeiting watermark, illuminates with UV ray pen or counterfeit detector in the lens. If you still can see the watermark is this pair of sunglasses is not uv protection, if not see, is this pair of sunglasses for uv protection.

anti glare spectacles computer users, glasses for eye protection while using computer,use useful tips to choose.

As the favorite outdoor sports anti glare spectacles computer users population growth, rising demand for various kinds of sports clothing, sports computer glasses, knee pads, helmet and other outdoor equipment naturally. However, many people ignore the protection of the eyes, outdoor sports of different types of glasses for eye protection while using computer can give people feel better, of course, this is according to their own characteristics and the movement environment, a prerequisite to choose the most suitable glasses to feel. So to share with you the skills of choosing outdoor eyeglasses for computer users :

Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses
Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses

1, sports glasses shape choice, everyone is everyone has his hobby of different shapes, different face frames have different requirements. Remember that the principle of complementarity: round shape, square face ellipse selection glasses for protection from computer screen formula. 2, frame selection is soft and elastic, impact resistance, sports safety protection face damage. The design of the frame veneer can make an eye close to the frame edge, prevent wind rapid movement on the eyes. 3, the selection of sports glasses should focus on the function of the anti reflective glasses for computer users price lens. Because the different lens to the light filtering effect is different, it can be suitable for the sports environment is also different. For example, the purple lens can reduce the visible light into eyes, does not affect the visual clarity. Therefore, the best lenses for computer use of the bicycle sports glasses can be purple, and is suitable for long time to wear. The yellow green and purple color gradually gilded mercury lens can effectively filter the blue sky and the ground, enhancing the contrast, so Golf glasses using yellow green and purple lens, allowing the ball more clearly in the field.

Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses
Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses

Select outdoor sports reading glasses for computer use are mainly considered in some areas is above these, of course, according to the intensity of the movement of points, such as playing basketball with the glasses and swimming computer glasses are certainly different. Although sports glasses for the movement of people brought a lot of convenience, but according to changes in the environment, as well as other factors, there will always be some trouble situation. For example, many people are wearing anti glare spectacles computer users after a period of time, there will be fog, can only take down before we can continue to use air and exercise, which will undoubtedly enjoy sports, bring great destruction. So today teach you some small way, can effectively prevent the glasses for eye protection while using computer fog. What are the ways to prevent the fog from the sports glasses.


1, the use of glasses fog agent. In the glasses market have sales. It has cleaning, decontamination, anti frost, anti fog, protect eyesight and other effects, no stimulation on the skin, no corrosion on the mirror, easy to use, the general use of a few hours can be maintained for a few hours.

2, the use of anti fog glasses for protection from computer screen cloth. Directly with anti fog glasses cloth to wipe the mirror, remove stains can be. With anti fog, anti frost, decontamination and other functions. No corrosion on the mirror, easy to use, can be kept for 1 days without a fog.

3, with soap, detergent smear. Use soap to semi dry and then rubbed lenses, glasses cloth evenly polished, can prevent the fog produced. Use detergent dipped in water to wipe the effect of better, pay attention to the pros and cons of the mirror should be applied. Common way to prevent the movement of anti glare spectacles computer users from the fog has more than a few points, the above method is not only useful for preventing the movement of best glasses lenses for computer usefrom the fog, the use of glasses for myopia.

over the counter computer glasses to protect your eyes from computer screens and how to choose best Metal spectacle frames?

Many white-collar workers, business people matching frame over the counter computer glasses, metal frames are love. Metal frames, of course, can not only reflect temperament, also can have very good treatment for purpose. So, when metal frames of choose and buy, we need to pay attention to what problem, can ensure the choose and buy is suitable for our own glasses to protect your eyes from computer screens?

Titanium Bifocal Computer Reading Glasses Reduce Reading Glasses For Computer Eye Strain
Titanium Bifocal Computer Reading Glasses Reduce Reading Glasses For Computer Eye Strain

Add gold metal eye protection from computer screen glasses frames of the subcontract gold, gold-plated two kinds. more fashion style of computer glasses saudi arabia, and you will like.

Gold plated on the glasses for computer screen protection frames with the words engraved with GF, and have the gold content of the package, it is to use a few pieces of text piece, welding in the basic material of rolling forming for the spectacle frame material, then made into best computer glasses frames. At present, this kind of gold plated frame on the market is not much, and the price is quite expensive, but over the counter computer glasses has certain value and practical significance.

Gilded computer eyeglasses frames with the words engraved with GP, with gold content at the same time, it is to use chemical plating gold plating in the frame of its surface, how many K on the frame, is said to use how many K gold plating, rather than the frame itself contains many K gold, 14 KGP, for example, glasses to protect your eyes from computer screens indicates that the coated with a layer of 14 K gold.

Identification of eye protection from computer screen glasses metals and gold frames, should be especially careful.

Computer Screen Protector Glasses Men Ladies Computer Glasses Frames Anti-Fatigue
Computer Screen Protector Glasses Men Ladies Computer Glasses Frames Anti-Fatigue

Useful plating yellow frame on the market as the gilded frame. Plating yellow frame compare with gilded frames, appear bleak matt, and the use of two or three months, colour and lustre is completely faded, light yellow glasses for computer screen protection frame plating would never use good material at the same time.

If you need to buy the metal gold frames, don’t be fooled by what reading glasses for computer use frame superscript K. In addition, gold plated mirror when use don’t come into contact with toxic gas, don’t smoke, don’t let the sweat legacy on the frame, often should wipe. If used properly, a gilded frames using at least three years.

Plated with gold mark said: according to the relevant provisions of the international conference on precious metals of gold and alloy over the counter computer glasses weight percentage expressed in GF for over 1/20 of the products. 1/20 of the following products with a contig-oriented (Rolled Gold Plate) said. And the method of engraving is unified, such as 1/20 l2KGF, said the total weight of metal products and l2K gold for 20 to 1. The weight of the metal parts such as 1/20 12 KGF glasses for 20 grams, the weight of the gold content is 0.5 grams. With the words such as engraved with 40 / l000 l2KGF plated with gold frame, an average thickness of 4 um plated with gold.

Pure titanium frame: light weight, corrosion resistance, not cause skin irritation, more durable. Beta titanium is actually a kind of titanium alloy, besides with the advantages of pure titanium Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses frame, its flexibility is better than pure titanium material, made of beta titanium frames under certain external pressure time automatically reply original state. So some framed mirror legs or centre sill is made, beta titanium to beta titanium frames are generally more slim, so it made up for with pure titanium frame heavier quality defects. These two kinds of material of frame is pretty good, in the choice of time can choose according to style and other own needs computer glasses.

anti reflective computer glasses uk to reduce eye strain trend in 2016

Anti reflective computer glasses in the past, it is one of the most don’t want to wear out parts of the computer eyewear less developed after all previous technology, lens, there will always be a certain thickness and not so trendy styles, with always don’t feel any confidence. Will have different but in the modern, computer glasses to reduce eye strain has become a part of fashion accessories, many celebrities, star gate also not afraid to wear computer glasses uk, indirect let people see different feeling. Today, small make up to introduce, it is popular in the spring and summer a few glasses, although at first glance, with “common taste”, but a very able to bear or endure glasses for pc users look.

Best Glasses For Computer Users Protection Glasses For Computer Eyewear Anti-Fatigue Uv
Best Glasses For Computer Users Protection Glasses For Computer Eyewear Anti-Fatigue Uv

1, the gold silk eyeglass lenses for computer use

Gold-rimmed anti reflective computer glasses but has been red since the end of last year to now, many Korean actors are like to wear glasses for computer work out. Although it looks a bit nostalgic feelings, but with modern has a surprisingly popular fashion trend. The gold silk computer glasses uk frame is usually round, area is large, but also make face look smaller.

Gold-rimmed glasses for pc users head is also a perfect fit with general students, used to improve temperament depends on eyeglass lenses for computer use!

Actually with the gold-rimmed eyeglasses for computer take hair color is black hair, formed a strong contrast between, can let a person more pay attention to your facial features.

2, black and comfortable computer glasses to reduce eye strain

Like the feeling of gold-rimmed computer glasses, fine boxes can always give a person a kind of gentle and quiet, elegant atmosphere. While the black is greatly enhanced scroll breath, tie-in ancient, college wind has make the finishing point of the anti reflective computer glasses effect.

Black fine glasses in addition to a quiet, pure and fresh style can take, movement, and toward a very suitable. Either tied up the tail of a horse or big curly hair, wearing thin glasses for pc users can highlight your personality.

Motion wind * fine glasses mixed feeling is like PC glasses, have a similar item of girl can try to take a look at oh.

3, 2016 eyeglass lenses for computer use

Prescription Computer Glasses For Computer Screen Glasses Men/Women Anti-Blue Radiation Anti-Fatigue Round Pc Glasses
Prescription Computer Glasses For Computer Screen Glasses Men/Women Anti-Blue Radiation Anti-Fatigue Round Pc Glasses

Now the computer glasses to reduce eye strain are almost a plain, black is more common, and the amber plastic computer goggles has become one of the parts of a lot of girls fondle admiringly. Almost all previous amber glasses is coarse frame is given priority to, but this year the popular fine box style has won high praise by accident, there is a girl of restoring ancient ways fu?

Because the glasses itself is a bit strong, so at the time of wear, can use the item with color photograph echo, such as the earth color trench coat or wide trousers. Clothes can also choose white, light grey in a plain color.

Last year very red half glasses have the amber style! Fashion degree of the whole big bonus!

4, cellophane tape glasses

Cellophane tape computer glasses to reduce eye strain is introduced last today, though not very popular in the domestic, but Europe and the United States, South Korea can see many girls wear. Even out of the transparent box of computer glasses, if you think the above styles are not very attract you, can challenge and see cellophane tape glasses.

Frame shape, of course, also not too same, square, oval, round almost all have, can choose according to your face for your computer glasses. Exclaimed these styles are super nice, of course also want to consider your own face shape is suitable for what kind of picture frame. Square face girl try to avoid, founder of the picture frame or face looks more parties; Round-faced girl wearing a big picture frame is not appropriate, it will only make the face look bigger; Long face girl is don’t wear too round frames, otherwise will look too heavy. The main point is the remember? Hurry up to hundred million super glasses pick a new anti reflective computer glasses for yourself!

How to Match Computer Bifocal Reading Glasses for looking at Computer Screens?

How to match for my glasses for looking at computer screens? Most friends wear computer bifocal reading glasses often have many questions again, or worry about the lens quality is unqualified, match not suitable degree right or worry, also worried about glasses for working on computer are fragile and so on questions, if match the number of degrees is not accurate eyes may produce fatigue, vision is likely to be deepened, computer eyewear and not good, wearing also uncomfortable, so, with a suitable degree and good quality glasses for viewing computer screen  is very important, remind computer glasses friend can pay attention to the following:

Protective Gaming Glasses For Computer Users Full Frame Tr90 Metal Color Eyewear
Protective Gaming Glasses For Computer Users Full Frame Tr90 Metal Color Eyewear

A, quality assurance

Average consumer eyes alone is unable to distinguish between the quality of eyeglasses for computer screen this point mainly by the proprietor of good faith, so in choosing computer bifocal reading glasses shops, had better choose brand formal professional institutions. A good hospital or store had to guarantee a good optometrists optometrists and experience in technology, and more can guarantee the quality of the lens and eyewear for computer use. When the choose and buy, can generally see if lenses have scratches, pitting, collapse, water ripple, air bubble on the surface of the defects.

Types of computer lenses are many and the assurance of safety and quality is the most should consider factors, now on the market of myopia glasses usually have a piece of glasses for looking at computer screens and resin two kinds big, resin light and not easy to be broken, for security reasons of primary and middle school students, generally advocated wearing resin lenses. Glass lenses and resin lenses, compared advantages of abrasion resistance is better, not easy scratches, generally people who work in the outdoor dust environment more can consider to use material of glasses lenses for working on computer . Also is the high refractive index glass lenses, compared with the resin lenses, under the same degree, glass lenses to resin lens thin 1/3, some people who have high myopia thickness and beautiful factors into account and select the glasses for viewing computer screen. The price of the second glass lenses cheaper than resin lens. Friends can choose according to their own eyes and economic conditions for their glasses.

Second, the accurate degree

1. Wear eyeglasses for computer screen when had better choose in a good mood to optometry, because emotions can affect vision at that time, if reluctantly to the optometry, can match in less than a suitable degree of glasses for computer work.

2. Professional normal hospital optometry

Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses
Computer Prescription Gaming Glasses Pc Lens Optical Gaming Glasses

Wearing computer bifocal reading glasses degree of first requirement accurate, have a few friends after myopia, the glasses to do as a simple visual acuity is directly so careless with computer eyeglasses, glasses degree of line detection is not accurate, if degree shallow cannot achieve the purpose of vision correction, deep also is bad for your eyes. If need glasses must to normal hospital ophthalmology through normal eyes get accurate degree, can only get the accurate optometry computer glasses degree.

3. It’s in a slightly different, different age stages

If it is minor, generally before the optometry to drop a role in mydriatic eye drops, specialized relax ciliary muscle of the eye fully, it is allowed to eliminate pseudomyopia. For minors is in puberty, vision is not so stable, in order to distinguish between true and false myopia and myopic degree and eliminate the influence of eyes adjust and general minors optometry is more complex, in addition to the above reasons have confirmed amblyopia and strabismus, only after detailed check it to ensure the accuracy of fitting glasses for looking at computer screens, and early restored vision or control myopia deepens.

Protection Pc Gaming Glasses Computer Glasses Lenses Anti-Blue Office Game Glasses
Protection Pc Gaming Glasses Computer Glasses Lenses Anti-Blue Office Game Glasses

Adults compared optometry minors under simpler, after rule out other eye diseases can it directly, but scientific insert to try. If it is optometry and mirror for the first time, also need to be specialized, and need to conduct a detailed inspection at the same time, to eliminate fundus diseases, such as crystal deformation condition.

4. Regular inspection, timely update the optometry glasses again

Glasses friend if once found existing computer bifocal reading glasses can’t meet the requirements of vision, should be timely to normal hospital do eye check and correct the myopic degree, change the right glasses, and check regularly, in order to avoid eyes “hungry” state for a long time, the cornea and lens surface excessive bending, increase the degree of myopia. Generally wear computer reading glasses for a long time should not have any discomfort feeling, if there is discomfort may be the lens degree is wrong, it is also possible that due to the distance of glass frame and lenses with the distance of the eye caused by improper, these should be to make or change the glasses for viewing computer screen.

After wearing eyeglasses for computer screen, should pay attention to your eyes checked regularly, replace the appropriate degree of glasses, teenagers under the age of 18, the best six months or a year it’s 1 time, and all need to use specialized.

Where can i buy eye strain computer glasses? Glasses that protect eyes from computer

As we know, best glasses that protect eyes from computer, and now more and more people will choose a pair of professional glasses to help with computer eye strain, here will will give you some ideas: where can you buy eye strain computer glasses.

Now the lifestyle has led to people can not avoid the radiation from electronic products, so simple anti-solar radiation glasses that protect eyes from computer, has been unable to meet people’s needs. Many of the radiation is often caused by congestive eyes, swelling, tingling, dryness and other symptoms, which gives people life and work is still relatively large troubled, long-term will cause irreparable damage to the eyes. So choose a pair of highly effective and comfortable radiation protection eye strain computer glasses, is the answer to this situation is better, then how to choose radiation anti glare glasses that protect eyes from computer?

Anti Reflective Glasses For Computer Goggle Eye Fatigue Computer Glasses Anti-Blue
1, the distinction between radiation and ordinary anti glare glasses computer method is very simple, as long as not too dark light, very easy to see the coating on the lens color, lens color and we use the myopia, etc. are very obvious Differentiated,so you need to wear best computer glasses for yourself.
2, the current popular varieties of radiation protection anti glare glasses computer have a lot of different colors of the coating function is also different. Yellow film: waterproof, anti-static, anti-fouling, anti-ultraviolet, increase the transmittance; purple film: metal ion film, both light transmission and shielding high-frequency radiation, the film itself has conductivity and shielding; , Can not filter light. So purple is a relatively good choice of radiation computer glasses.

Yellow Tinted Glasses For Computer Strain Glasses Reduce Eye Strain Anti-Blue
3, when wearing radiation protection eye strain computer glasses to be taken seriously, do not careless, I feel the computer does not stimulate the eyes, or not the same as the previous tingling, not very bright and dazzling feeling should be suitable for their anti glare glasses computer and eyeglasses for computer users.

And now, Do you know where to buy eye strain computer glasses? if you have any question or ideas for anti glare glasses computer for  glasses for computer use, you can contact us, we will help you to deal with it.

Computer Glasses anti blue light benefits in dubai and how to reduce the radiation?

Computer glasses can anti blue light , but few people know Computer Glasses benefits, here has some tips to learn about computer glasses benefits:

So we know, Computer glasses in dubai ,USA, UK so popular.Computers have become part of people’s life nowadays, office, living information more and more inseparable from the computer, the computer bring us convenient also bring some harm to our health,. Screen of low frequency radiation and magnetic field, will lead to 7 to 19 kinds of disease, including itchy eyes, neck pain, temporary loss of memory, irritable, and depression. So we need a pair of glasses for computer use or Computer Goggles

How to make the computer radiation to minimize the harm of human body? Experts give some response tactics, available for reference,such as: Computer reading glasses or computer gaming glasses.

One, put a few cactus beside computer. This plant can effectively absorb the computer radiation.

Second, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every morning. Tea is rich in vitamin A, not only can synthesis rhodopsin, eliminate the harm of computer radiation, also computer eyewear make the eyes see things more clearly under the dim light.

Three, surf the Internet to do skin care before segregation. After using the computer, will face many computer radiation particles, adsorption immediately with water washs a face, computer glasses anti blue light can reduce more than 70% by computer radiation.

Four, computer special screen board in the computer screen. To adjust the proper screen brightness, the greater the brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, whereas the smaller.

Five, buy as far as possible to use new computer. At the same distance, under the condition of similar type, old computers produced by computer radiation is usually 1 to 2 times the new computer.

Six, computer appropriate to put the position. Don’t let the back of the screen towards the people as far as possible, because on the back of the computer radiation is strongest, followed by left and right sides, the front of the screen radiation the weakest, but at least to keep a distance of 50-75 cm.

Seventh, pay attention to indoor ventilation. Computer screen glasses can produce a carcinogenic substance called bromine HuaEr benzene and furan, placed computer room had better install exhaust fan, especially pay attention to when using ventilation.

Eight, pay attention to eat more foods rich in vitamins A, C and protein. Such as carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean lean, animal liver, etc.

Nine, in the computer it is necessary to put a few bananas on the table. The potassium in the banana can help the body to discharge the excess salt, let the body reach the potassium sodium balance; Large amounts of beta carotene, can alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes pain, avoid premature aging.So you need a pair of computer glasses to protect your eyes.

End, do you find the computer glasses benefits now?