Computer Glasses anti blue light benefits in dubai and how to reduce the radiation?

Computer glasses can anti blue light , but few people know Computer Glasses benefits, here has some tips to learn about computer glasses benefits:

So we know, Computer glasses in dubai ,USA, UK so popular.Computers have become part of people’s life nowadays, office, living information more and more inseparable from the computer, the computer bring us convenient also bring some harm to our health,. Screen of low frequency radiation and magnetic field, will lead to 7 to 19 kinds of disease, including itchy eyes, neck pain, temporary loss of memory, irritable, and depression. So we need a pair of glasses for computer use or Computer Goggles

How to make the computer radiation to minimize the harm of human body? Experts give some response tactics, available for reference,such as: Computer reading glasses or computer gaming glasses.

One, put a few cactus beside computer. This plant can effectively absorb the computer radiation.

Second, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every morning. Tea is rich in vitamin A, not only can synthesis rhodopsin, eliminate the harm of computer radiation, also computer eyewear make the eyes see things more clearly under the dim light.

Three, surf the Internet to do skin care before segregation. After using the computer, will face many computer radiation particles, adsorption immediately with water washs a face, computer glasses anti blue light can reduce more than 70% by computer radiation.

Four, computer special screen board in the computer screen. To adjust the proper screen brightness, the greater the brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, whereas the smaller.

Five, buy as far as possible to use new computer. At the same distance, under the condition of similar type, old computers produced by computer radiation is usually 1 to 2 times the new computer.

Six, computer appropriate to put the position. Don’t let the back of the screen towards the people as far as possible, because on the back of the computer radiation is strongest, followed by left and right sides, the front of the screen radiation the weakest, but at least to keep a distance of 50-75 cm.

Seventh, pay attention to indoor ventilation. Computer screen glasses can produce a carcinogenic substance called bromine HuaEr benzene and furan, placed computer room had better install exhaust fan, especially pay attention to when using ventilation.

Eight, pay attention to eat more foods rich in vitamins A, C and protein. Such as carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean lean, animal liver, etc.

Nine, in the computer it is necessary to put a few bananas on the table. The potassium in the banana can help the body to discharge the excess salt, let the body reach the potassium sodium balance; Large amounts of beta carotene, can alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes pain, avoid premature aging.So you need a pair of computer glasses to protect your eyes.

End, do you find the computer glasses benefits now?

How to choose computer glasses? Blue light blocking computer glasses?

How to choose computer glasses?  here can give you some useful idea to choose it.

Now there is a problem: the computer glasses have effect?

1, Computer glasses lens can positive role:

For long time using a computer or electronic display device, the blue light blocking computer lens effect can now be sure just let an eye more comfortable, and no further evidence to prove that can effectively improve the eye acid bilges, dry eye, eye fatigue, decreased vision, fundus lesions, and so on.

2, how to determine the computer eyeglasses degree (parameters) :

Because it is near with glasses, prescription should fully consider that in optometry and decrease the correct vision, in order to avoid discomfort with long eyes. Specific prescription, must by the professional optometrist after rigorous optometry.

3, how to choose computer glasses lenses:

The computer glasses lenses must be qualified first optical lenses, and to a certain percentage of the blue light, the effect of general prevention blu-ray optical lens about 30% less.

The computer glasses lens is divided into two broad categories, one kind is substrate shallow orange colored lenses,such computer gaming glasses,computer reading glasses, this kind of lens of the base of color is deeper, not suitable for long time wearing. Give priority to with flat lens. Another kind is implemented through the surface coating layer, the base of color is shallow, also have a little shallow orange, should be easy to see under the white bottom line. From the point of effect, the two types of lens of the anti blue light effect difference. But the latter technology is more advanced, more superior optical performance in general.

4, how to preparation against the glasses for computer use?

Even not myopic crowd, it is better to choose reliable brand computer lens, optical lens production companies need to separate compound lens, lens quality is important to ensure wearing comfort and durability.

Myopic crowd after confirmed nearly with accurate parameters (refer to article 2) to formulate the best parameters of glasses. Glasses for the machining precision, of course, also need to choose a shop with technical capabilities and reliable.

And now, I think you know how to choose best computer glasses now.