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Why chose the computer glasses?

best blue light computer glasses

Research has been shown : Americans averagely spend eight hours every day on computer or mobile phone, always staring at the screen of computer and mobie phone.So that it easily causes some symptoms like headaches ,red eyes, evenly more serious problems like forgetfulness,leukopenia and poor eyesight.The doctor advise us that computer radiation definitely does harm for eye such as the uv and blue light from a computer which is a kind of radiation. So it is necessary for us to wear computer glasses for protect our eyes. The most important thing is to spend less time on the computer for preventing the harm to eyes from computer screen. The youth should keep eyes in health , and do not excessively focus on the computer for a long time. Meanwhile, it is more necessary for computer workers to prevent computer radiation and should wear computer glasses when working,so you need to choose best glasses for computer use online and professional computer eyewear.

What is the computer glasses?

what is computer glasses

The lens of Computer glasses are produced for the users of for mobile phones, computer operators who playing games and watch TV for a long time .That computer glasses lens surface are made of 16 membrane design and special conductive coating those can not only make the computer eyewear lens light transmission of up to about 98.5% and vision very clearly and brightly, filter out most of the harmful ultraviolet light blu-ray ,but also anti-static electricity,anti-radiation and computer eyeglasses help blood circulation and activation of blood . Moreover computer eyeglasses can relieve eye fatigue and congestion and prevent VDT (video display terminal)syndrome .

The features of computer glasses :

prescription computer glasses

1.Computer eyewear lens are a flat mirror and no side-effects on eyesight which are refined from high-tech vacuum ion platingsing at this moment and also definitely block electromagnetic wave radiation.

2.Glasses for computer use lenses contain radiation resistance that can help microwave absorption of low frequency radiation and also to eliminate the protential adverse eye symptoms of fever, headache ,fatigue,dryness and so on from electromagnetic radiation.

3.Computer glasses can let different light pass through and absorb in different way and be also antireflective and antiglare. The users will feel very clear and nature after wearing the computer glasses.

4.The computer glasses are especially suitable glasses for the computer workers and those people who watching TV and playing video games, which can effectively prevent harmful light from damaging eyes and so that keep your eyesight in good health.

How to choose a pair of best computer glasses?

1. The weight of the computer eyewear frame, the lighter the better.
A pair of quality glasses for computer first is strong but light. For the bridge of the nose is sensitive, the lighter weight material or without border computer glasses frames are more in line with health needs. If you choose metal frames or bridge of the nose is not high, can adjust the Angle of your eyes by bazoo holds, to make sure that the pupil and computer goggles lenses the most healthy point of view. Computer eyewear holds another function is to reduce the load the bridge of the nose.

2.The computer glasses frame material to choose suitable for the skin.
If allergic to metal, had better choose plate computer eyeglasses frame, so as not to cause the skin discomfort.

3. A new prescription computer screen glasses should it again.
Can get glasses for computer use experts believe every change a glasses need to do it again, to the best hospitals eye or larger store had professional optometrists to pc glasses, please. In addition, with new blue light blocking glasses optometry, it is best with your old mirror, convenient optometrist for your reference. In the United States, an eye doctor optometry prescription computer monitor glasses for the period of validity is one year, that is to say, the myopia with each new computer eyewear to eyes.

4.Computer glasses replaced every two years
According to the survey, the average once every two years to replace glasses for computer use and ordinary myopia patients should be replaced every two years generally glasses, one is the adjustment degree, the second is "upgrade". Computer glasses lens face once have scratches, can significantly affect its optical correction performance,

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